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Manufacturers List
> Balance Tracking System
> Hausmann
> Fitter International
> Ideal Products
> Exertools
> True Fitness
> Anatomical Chart Co.
> Alderman Acres
> Chattanooga
> Magnum Fitness
> Armedica
> ProMaxima
> BioMedical Life Systems
> MedX Health
> InMotion Robotics
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Manufacturers Represented

At Noble Medical Equipment, we provide our customers with both general and specialty product lines to round out the needs of their facility. Whether you're developing a new therapy program, opening a new office or keeping the facility supplied, we will provide you with consistant one-on-one service. 

The specialty and general product line manufacturers that we represent are: 

  • Balance Tracking System  Balance Assessment of Concussions   

  • MedX Health -              Laser and Phototherapy Systems
  • Hausmann -                    Medical and Athletic Training Equipment
  • Fitter First -                    Strength, Stability, and Balance equipment
  • IdealProducts -         Mobile Carts, Storage and Weight Racks, Plyometrics
  • Exertools -                      Upright and Recumbent Bikes, Treadmills
  • True Fitness -                Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright and Recumbent Bikes
  • Anatomical Chart -     Anatomical Charts and 3D displays at discout prices.
  • Alderman Acres -         Curtains, Window Treatments, Bedding and accessories
  • Chattanooga -                Tables, Hot and Cold Pack Machines
  • Endorphin -               Fitness Products for the Aging Population
  • Armedica -                Treatment Tables and Mat PLatforms
  • ProMaxmia -                  Strength Training Equipment
  • BioMedical Life -        Portable E-Stim and Micro Current Units
  • Clinton -                   Tables, Cabinets, PT and Pediactric Equipment
  • Mettler Electronics -   Portable Ultrasound and Electrotherapy Equipment